Crystal 'E' Award

The Crystal ‘E’ has been given to outstanding coaches and club sponsors since 1999

The Crystal ‘E’ Award is sponsored by the Boosters and presented annually to the coach or extracurricular activity sponsor, as nominated by students, parents or staff, who exhibits extraordinary support for the students of ETHS. This award is given in recognition of the spirit these persons exhibit in helping students to achieve their best in the classroom, in their extracurricular activities, and in their lives

The award resides in the Main office at ETHS, and is engraved with the names of each year’s recipient.

1999 Nat Bilsky
2000 Malykke Bacon
2001 Char Shaw
2002 David Fodor, PhD
2003 Paul Pryma
2004 Mychael Wylie
2005 (no award)
2006 Fenton Gunther
2007 Mary Therese Reed and Rudy Salinas
2008 Richard Dempsey
2009 Chester Jones
2010 Bruce Romain
2011 Casey Scherrer
2012 Dr. David Fodor and Jeff Hannan
2013 Ken Lewandowski and Tom Doan
2014 Kiril Mirintchev and Pam MacPherson
2015 Matt Moran
2016 Jeff Hannan
2017 Jennifer Weber

Nominations are made by ETHS community members. The winner is announced at the ETHS Staff Luncheon at the end of the school year.


Crystal 'E' Award